Interference is a 2D stealth puzzle platformer set in a cyberpunk/technoir world.

  • Join the Interferers, a cyberterrorist group.
  • Venture into the guts of Arachnopolis, a high-tech mazed city.
  • Alter the city’s architecture in order to overcome challenges and progress through the game.

Among my inspirations, I can quote: Blade RunnerDark CityBrazilFlashback(Dan Simmons),AkiraAnachronox, well… a lot cyberpunk pieces :) and some games like: ShenmueMetal Gear SolidFlashbackDeus Ex (I especially like the balance between exploration/action/storytelling these games have).

Who develops this game?

My name is Anthony Beyer (alias Sinok426), 28 years old.
I’ve been working as a graphic designer, then as a concept artist and 3D artist (on Modern Combat 4,Asphalt 6Dungeon Hunter 3). I’m now a freelance graphic designer and a game developer.

The music of the game is handled by 2 awesome composers: Music Vortex and Ryan Ike.

Which platforms will be supported?

Windows PC and Mac OSX for sure. Linux is also planned, but for this I need to buy an update of the engine I use for Interference. After that, I will port the game to mobiles (and maybe other platforms if I can).

When will the game be finished?

I’m aiming for a September 2014 release.


2 Responses

  1. Joli boulot, Je suis egalement graphiste 3D freelance, Si tu cherches un artiste 3D je pourrais être intéressé.

    Et je suis d’accord avec toi, le remake de flashback est carrément raté !!

    Sur ceux je vais aller greenlighté ton jeu.

    N’hésite pas à me contacter si besoin.

  2. Marc Ollivrin dit :


    this looks like very promising, too bad that the Indiegogo campaign has ended, i would have gladly donate ^^
    I’ve just stumble upon the Steam Greenlight page.
    One commentary stated : « This is what the Flashback « remake » should have been. », and i was thinking exactly the same thing watching the trailer.

    Keep up the good work for the last part of the job, and hope that all is going well.


    le jeu à l’air très prometteur, dommage que la campagne Indiegogo soit finie, j’aurais bien participé ^^
    Je viens de tomber sur la page du Steam Greenlight.
    Un des commentaires dit « Ce que la suite de Flashback aurait dû être », et c’est tout à fait ce que je me suis dit en voyant le trailer.

    Bon courage pour le reste de cette aventure, j’espère que tout va bien !

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